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The Washington Irving Route is configured as a vital artery of connection between the two traditional Andalusia: the Baja and the Alta. Seville and Granada, two essential cities in our Hispanic-Muslim history.

This Route revives through the old roads that it once traveled, physically and visually, this endearing and tireless story seeker, in 1829. Washington Irving, traveler, romantic writer and American diplomat, fascinated by the exoticism of the Andalusian civilization projected the image of Andalusia in Europe in the nineteenth century, with his work “Tales of the Alhambra”. An exceptional and totally private trip. Endorsed by the Andalusian Legacy Foundation.

Upon arrival at the airport / train station, we will transfer to the hotel or apartment provided. Rest of the afternoon free


Real Alcazar of Seville

In the morning, pick up at hotel / apartment and guided tour of the city of Seville. First visiting the Royal Alcazar of Seville, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1987. The Alcaceres Royals articulate an extensive fortified palatine complex. Place chosen by different civilizations, cultures, and their dynasties, as a center of power: from the Almohads to the Christian kings they have left their legacy here for history. Even today it has real units in use, which is why it is the oldest active royal palace in Europe.

Cathedral of Sevilla

After the visit to the Alcazar, we will make the private visit to another of the World Heritage monuments, the Cathedral of Seville, the largest Gothic temple in Christendom, sits on the Aljama mosque raised by the Almohads. Its tower, La Giralda, is a symbol of Hispanic Muslim heritage and cultural miscegenation and completes this architectural jewel of the world, icon of the city.

Santa Cruz neighborhood

In the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, Washington Irving resided during his stay in Seville, specifically in house 2 of the Callejón del Agua. This magnificent building of the thirteenth century was originally part of the premises of the Royal Alcazars. Today, it is a private residence whose courtyard, full of colorful pots, is one of the most photographed in Seville. On the crenellated facade you can see the commemorative sculpture of the American diplomat and writer Washington Irving, who resided in this house while writing his most read work “The Tales of the Alhambra”.


In the afternoon, after lunch, we will take a quiet horse carriage ride through the romantic city that saw Washington Irving arrive. A guided tour of the most emblematic places of the city, such as Paseo Cristóbal Colón, Alameda de Hércules and the Barrio de la Macarena.

Alcala de Guadaira Castle

In the morning, we checked out and moved to Alcalá de Guadaira, which was the first stage of the fascinating trip of Washington Irving and called it “the benefactor of Seville”, because for centuries it supplied water and bread, deserving the envelope named Alcalá de los Panaderos. We will visit the Alcala Castle, a great fortress on top of the hill embraced by the river, impresses the imagination of the traveler, moved to other times. Strategic place in the defense of the city of Seville and bulwark of the Andalusian military architecture that was commanded to build by the Caliph Yaqub Yusuf around 1172. Its fortress was a military and palatine nucleus, in which kings were lodged and that was the prison of state.

Alcalá de Guadaira

After the visit, as Irving did, we will enjoy the excellent cuisine of this city in a restaurant located in a cave nestled in the castle walls. These caves, dating from the fifteenth century, are today part of a popular neighborhood of the city.


At the end of lunch, we continue our trip to Carmona, another important point where Washington Irving imagined that Almohad Andalusia.

Alcazar of the Puerta de Sevilla. Carmona

In the morning, we will take a guided tour of the Alcazar Puerta de Sevilla, one of the most impressive bastions that divided the Alcor region with the Seville Countryside. An essential visit to know the essential elements prior to the Conquest of Seville


We continue the tour through what was the primitive Jewish quarter of the city, until reaching the downtown area and being able to taste some of its more traditional dishes.


After lunch, we moved to Marchena to enjoy a city with an urban layout that has lasted until today. We will visit the walled medina dominated by a strong Alcazaba that is half hidden between the houses or exempt and made by the Almohads in the twelfth century and renovated by Christians. We will enter the jewel of the city, the Parish of San Juan Bautista, considered one of the churches with more works of art in Andalusia and where we will find works by Zurbarán

The visit to Marchena invites you to stroll through its historic center, streets such as San Juan, Carreras, San Francisco, the Towers where the stately homes proliferate and samples of the genuine domestic architecture of the countryside, with protruding lattice windows, closures and balconies on facades , hallways and courtyards of columns. We will enjoy coffee in the historic center, and return to Carmona.


City of towers and bell towers, after checking out in Carmona, we will move to the city of Écija, halfway between Seville and Córdoba, where W. Irving is amazed by its colossal mansions, and its cobbled and winding streets. Here we will take a guided tour of the historic center, the majestic Benamejí Palace, spectacular building, headquarters of the Museum of Local History and the curious Parish of Santa Cruz. After the visit, we moved to Osuna.


Upon arrival in Osuna, we will make lunch in a restaurant. Osuna is a city that brings together one of the richest historical groups on the Peninsula. It was the capital of a powerful duchy who provided splendor and wealth. We will take a walk through the surroundings of the Collegiate Renaissance work, whose majestic volume dominates the town; inside it stores two jewels, the Ducal Pantheon and a museum with splendid oil paintings by José de Ribera. The Plaza Mayor and long streets like those of Seville and San Pedro, curdles of churches, convents and noble palace-houses, open down the hill.

After the visit, we will move to Antequera, making a stop in Estepa for coffee.


Alcazaba of Antequera

In the morning, we will make a private guided tour of the Alcazaba, city walls. The remains of the old medieval village occupy the upper part of the hill that dominates the city that in its highest area, the Alcazaba, formidable sample of Muslim military architecture on whose foundation Roman materials emerge. Before entering the Alcazaba we will cross the imposing Arch of the Giants, prelude to the monumental Royal Collegiate Church of Santa María, today without worship, considered one of the best achievements of the Andalusian renaissance.

Antequera is a crossroads, a place of passage converted over time into one of the largest Andalusian monumental complexes. We will take a guided walk through the historic center of one hour. The rest of the day off for lunch and rest.

Ochavada Square. Archidona

We check out. We will go to Archidona, in the background we will be accompanied by the Peña de los Enamorados, a source of inspiration for romances and legends that Washington Irving himself collected in his work. We will make a stop at the Plaza Ochavada in the town of Archidona, where our romantic traveler would find some of the most characteristic places, a French-inspired project that is impregnated with nuances derived from the Andalusian and popular tradition.

Hermitage of the Virgen de Gracia. Archidona

We continue the visit to the Hermitage of the Virgen de Gracia. Surprisingly, the patron saint’s sanctuary next to the castle, preserves in its building the body of the mosque of the upper town, one of the oldest in the Peninsula and the only one in Malaga.

After the visit, we continue towards Loja (Granada)


Leaving Archidona behind, we return to Loja (Granada), check in at the hotel. We will enjoy lunch in this city. After lunch, we will take a guided tour of the Alcazaba and the Church of the Incarnation.

Washington lrving traces the following portrait of Loja: «It is rugged and picturesque, being built on the side of an arid mountain. The ruins of a Moorish fortress crown a rocky mound that stands in the center of the city. The Genil river bathes its foot, winding between rocks, groves, gardens and meadows, and flowing under the Moorish bridge that crosses it. Above the city everything is wild and barren, while in its lower part there is the richest vegetation and the freshest greenery that can be imagined … The Sierra Nevada, or royal mountains of Granada, crowned by perpetual snows, make up the distant limit of this varied landscape, one of the most characteristic of romantic Spain ».

Afternoon-free night.

Montefrio Castle

Early in the morning, we check out to begin the last roads that take us to the Nasrid romantic destination of our American traveler. We will move to Montefrío, a unique place where we will visit the Castle of the Villa, which was built on land considered strategic in the defense of the borders of the Kingdom of Granada with spectacular views. In the surroundings, the Church of the Villa, built on the site of an old mosque, according to the design of Diego de Siloé, is a Gothic-Renaissance temple and the interpretation center of the last border of al-Andalus is located.

Church of the Incarnation

Continuing with the visit, when we get off the Castle, we will visit the amazing Church of the Incarnation, one of the best exponents of neoclassicism in Andalusia. Remember for its round plan and its dome the Roman pantheon of Agrippa.

National Geographic viewpoint

As if it were a postcard, the National Geographic Viewpoint will delight us with one of the most impressive panoramas of this town and according to this magazine among the ten best in the world. A privileged watchtower, gift for sight and memory.

Castle of Íllora

We continue our trip to Íllora, where we will enjoy the rich cuisine of Granada and where at the end of lunch we will visit the Castle.

Fuente Vaqueros

Continuing our trip we will pass through the town where Federico García Lorca was born and where Washington Irving felt a contained emotion when he felt the proximity to Granada. After a brief stop for coffee, we will arrive in Granada.


Late in the afternoon, we will arrive in Granada. Check in at the hotel and free dinner


The Alhambra

Majestic work of the Nasrid legacy, we will visit the monument where Washington Irving stayed for a few months in the Palace of Carlos V, and the rest of the time in some royal apartments that had been prepared at the time for Queen Isabel de Farnesio, although the author The thread of our trip enjoyed all the spaces of the Nasrid Palaces that we will know. Alcazaba, Palace of Carlos V, Partal and Generalife Gardens. After the visit, free lunch.


Continuing with the visit after lunch, we will visit the suburb of the Nasrid city, visiting the neighborhood is stopping in time. We will walk through its winding slopes and streets, visiting the Mirador de San Nicolás, the Dar Al-Horra Palace ending towards the Paseo de los Tristes.

Cathedral. Royal chapel. Corral del Carbon

In the morning, we will visit the Cathedral of the city. Taking advantage of its location we will know emblematic places for its architecture and the framework in its streets, such as the Corral del Carbon and the Alcaicería.

Royal chapel

Place of sepulcher of the Catholic Monarchs, we will visit the sacred place of the Conquerors of the Nasrid city.

In the afternoon, after lunch, check-out and transfer to the airport or train station.

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