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Garnata Al-Yahud

Realejo neighborhood. Jewish legacy of Granada

Private walking tour


Destroyed the temple of Jerusalem, there are beliefs that already in the 10th century BC. King Solomon’s ships traded alongside the Phoenicians, with Tarsis, that is, with the Tartessians of the Guadalquivir. For all this, the presence of merchants in these lands is assumed.

It is in Roman times where the news of Jewish communities is more solid.

Already in Arab times, these Jews were viziers and poets of the Zirid sultans in the palaces of the Albayzin and of the Nasrids of the Alhambra.

We will discover the history of the Sephardic Jews of Granada by visiting its Jewish quarter. We will start with the defensive Torres Bermejas, to reach the Puerta del Sol laundry, a meeting point for poets and rabbis. We will continue along the Cuesta del Realejo.

We will pass by the Church of Santo Domingo, founded by the Catholic Monarchs, and by the Almohad palace, of the Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo. Calle San Matías will be an important point, since it is where the Greater Synagogue was located. Also the Plaza del Padre Suárez, where there were some public baths, and the house of the rabbi. We will finish at the statue of Ibn Tibon, the 11th century Jewish poet and translator.

DURATION: 2,5 hours

INCLUDES: Tickets and private tour

EXCLUDES: Transfers

Meeting Point: Torres Bermejas. Callejón Niño del Royo, s/n




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